Searchable Periodic Table
This table allows you to do bracketed and sorted searches of various physical properties of the elements such as melting and boiling points, densities, specific heats, ionization energies, etc. The only one of its kind currently available on-line. From Robert Hanson at St. Olaf College.
Wish you had looked up that last value in the CRC before you left school? You may be able to find it here. A database of chemical information (mainly physical and thermodynamic properties) searchable by name, formula, etc. Some structures are also included, but you need appropriate viewers. Free registration is now required for more than about 3 searches. We have a class account. Your instructor will give you the information, but you can also sign up yourself. You do not need to give a real e-mail address to register. Don't.
ChemExper Chemical Dictionary
Searchable database of chemical compounds. Gives physical properties and structures as well as links to MSDS and manufacturers. From ChemExper, Switzerland.
Properties of Organic Compounds
Searchable database providing melting and boiling points, refractive indicies, MassSpec peaks, etc.
NIST Webbook of Data
Although the government is always threatening to make this a for-fee site, right now it provides a wealth of spectroscopic data (MS, IR) on a large number of organic compounds. Also available are more mundane data like boiling points, etc. Spectra are JAVA-generated. Very slick!
Spektrus 1.0
This is a free program (for Windows) which can display the labeled emission line spectrum for any element (in color). Like having your own reference book!
Color visualizations of NIST Atomic Spectra data for all elements
Wow! If you click on a spectrum you will be taken to a larger version with a wavelength scale marked in 10 nm increments.
Integrated Spectrum Database
Searchable and annotated 1HNMR and 13CNMR, MS and IR on many compounds. From the National Institute of Materials and Chemical Research in Tsukuba, Japan.
A Guide to Inorganic Qualitative Analysis
Extensive guide covering preliminaries, tests and reactions. From Rod Beavon, Westminster School, UK.
Common laboratory tests
Covers cations, anions, flame tests and some common gases.
Chemistry Data Tables
From thermodynamic properties to aqueous equilibrium constants and electrode potentials and a nice solubility grid, this section of Tom Stretton's site has a good selection of typical data for the high school student.
Student Data Book
Physical, chemical and thermodynamic data for chemistry students at the University of York.
Periodic table of isotopes and their half-lives
From the Ernest O. Lawrence National Laboratory
Lund/LBNL Nuclear Data Search
Joint site from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the Department of Physics at Lund University in Sweden. Isotope decay data and more.
Selected tables of chemical data in the public domain from Oliver Seely at CSU, Dominguez Hills
Acid-Base indicators
Concentrations of common commerical acids and bases
Buffer solution formulas
Composition and physical properties of some alloys
Synonyms of common chemicals
Dissociation constants for common acids and bases
Solubility Product constants
Standard Reduction Potentials
Solubility Products Constants
Fairly extensive table from Eni Generalic, Split, Croatia.
Complex ion formation constants
A table from the 8th edition of Petrucci--from the Prentice-Hall website.